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Danna’s music is a mix of roots rock, blues, r&b and country landing on the style called Americana.

Having been a longtime fan of Danna Aliano since her days as the dynamic onstage focal point of Bay Area favs Chain of Blue, I’m thrilled that her long awaited solo album, “Sunnyand,” demonstrates that she’s not just an awe-inspiring vocalist but a fully realized artist. Sure there’s the raucous nasty blues that have always been her calling card, but “Not Nice” and “Faith” bring those DA trademarks to all new heights. Most importantly, however, is the fact that Danna also expands her songwriting palate to a wide musical spectrum that has only been hinted at previously. Take a listen to the brilliant and emotional ode about noted kidnap victim and steadfast survivor Amanda Berry on “3650 Days”, while the gorgeous “For the Love of Money” and moody “Let Love In” simmer with a sensual vocal approach that rise to hypnotic power. Throw in the rap-like blues of the irresistible “Sink” and you quickly realize that this is one chick who doesn’t know how to play it safe when it comes to her artistic inclinations. “Sunnyland” is not only the first recording from Danna Aliano in more than fifteen years, but it’s also the best thing she’s ever laid down. Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait fifteen years for the next one!

Steven P. Wheeler,  Award winning Journalist and Editor, his current book:                                      Jim Morrison: Friends Gathered Together


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Danna Aliano’s Sunnyland:

“3650 Days” Brilliant and Emotional!


Reviews and Quotes for Sunnyland

Music buzz about Danna Aliano:

“Danna has the letters S.T.A.R. written all over her energetic body.”

     ~Steven Wheeler, Music Connection Magazine – Los Angeles, CA

“Five stars for up and coming Danna & Chain of Blues.”

     ~Sammy Cohen, Metro Weekly Newspaper- San Jose, CA

“Danna is a shining centerpiece with a real chance of making it big.”

     ~Kalervo Koskela, Rumba Magazine- Finland

“Danna Aliano’s song “Whispers” was the most requested song in Lahti, Finland.”  ~KANTTI, Radio 99- Finland

“Danna’s raw, Melissa Etheridge meets Bonnie Raitt sound is powerful and sexy.”  ~Diane Anderson, Girlfriends Magazine- USA

“Danna’s voice just hits you full force and lets you feel just what it is she’s talking about.”  ~J. Spencer, WIUS Radio- USA

“On stage she’s an animated fury whose passionate and powerful lead vocals explode…” ~Bar and Myers, Showcase Music Times, San Jose, CA

“In my book, singer-songwriter Danna Aliano is the most intense, powerhouse vocalist   around today…”                                             

     ~Steven Wheeler, “Songworks”, Music Connection – Los Angeles, CA

“Singer Danna and her strong husky voice is reminiscent of Chrissie Hynde and Johnette Napolitano- with strong blues influences.”       ~Tomi Hamalainen, Rumba Magazine- Finland

“Danna belts out vocals that could only be felt.”

     ~Mike Weaver, WKAI 100 FM, USA