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Ever wonder what I’m singing…me too!

So here’s a link to all the song lyrics on “SUNNYLAND”.

What People are saying about Danna and SUNNYLAND!

SUNNYLAND, RIPE and ONE LOVE are ready for your ears.

Please check it out and if you like it, you can purchase or stream it at over 30 digital markets including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Xbox, 7Digital, Sony Music Unlimited and Tidal.  

Click on album covers to purchase in iTunes.

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Great Album by Ashloj

Absolutely loving this album!  Thank you for finally releasing it!

Soulful! By LP191

I love this album!  It is truly an artistic masterpiece.  “Miss You” is so beautiful to listen to with its soulful Spanish rhythm and 3650 Days, what an incredible tribute to Amanda Berry’s strength.  She will be proud.  I really love that each song can touch you in some aspect of your life.  Great work Danna!  Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us!

Something for everyone by Loranne4

So excited that Danna’s new album has finally arrived! Her voice has only gotten better with time.  This album will appeal to many as it has something for everyone.  Listen to it and I think you’ll agree.  Going off to listen to it again…

Music buzz about Danna Aliano:

“Danna has the letters S.T.A.R. written all over her energetic body.”

Steven Wheeler, Music Connection Magazine – Los Angeles, CA

“Five stars for up and coming Danna & Chain of Blues.”

   Sammy Cohen, Metro Weekly Newspaper- San Jose, CA

“Danna is a shining centerpiece with a real chance of making it big.”

   Kalervo Koskela, Rumba Magazine- Finland

“Danna Aliano’s song “Whispers” was the most requested song in Lahti, Finland.”

   KANTTI, Radio 99- Finland

Danna’s raw, Melissa Etheridge meets Bonnie Raitt sound is powerful and sexy.”

   Diane Anderson, Girlfriends Magazine- USA

“Danna’s voice just hits you full force and lets you feel just what it is she’s talking about.”

   J. Spencer, WIUS Radio- USA

“On stage she’s an animated fury whose passionate and powerful lead vocals explode…”

   Bar and Myers, Showcase Music Times, San Jose, CA

“In my book, singer-songwriter Danna Aliano is the most intense, powerhouse vocalist   around today…”   Steven Wheeler, “Songworks”, Music Connection – Los Angeles, CA

“Singer Danna and her strong husky voice is reminiscent of Chrissie Hynde and Johnette Napolitano- with strong blues influences.”     Tomi Hamalainen, Rumba Magazine- Finland

“Danna belts out vocals that could only be felt.”    Mike Weaver, WKAI 100 FM, USA

The times that a club performance is so electrifying and magical that I'm  totally speechless are pretty much non-existent.  However, it recently happened to me when I was treated to the passionate power of Chain of Blues and the band's charismatic vocalist Danna Aliano. Since their stirring show at the Palomino in July, I have been babbling like an idiot to everybody in the industry who would listen.  In short Danna Aliano has the letters "S-T-A-R" written all over her tiny, energetic body.

Located in the Bay Area, Aliano and her band secured a European record deal and twice toured Scandinavia.  However, here in America, especially in L.A., they are completely unknown as far as the industry is concerned.  Yet, that can't last for very long.  Aliano's gutsy, in your face vocals echo the ballsy integrity of Janis Joplin, and she makes her contemporaries like Melissa Etheridge and Sass Jordan sound like school girls.  Throw in some Steven Tyler-like aerobic onstage antics, and you've got Danna Aliano!