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Welcome to my blog . Finally a place where my adult A.D.D. makes sense...I’m not even sure what blogging is really, but someone told me I could write about my thoughts and ideas so here we go.

What keeps me grounded...The Peanut.

Thank you for 26 years babe…You are truly the kindest person I have ever met. I wish everyone in the world the kindness of their own Peanut. #unconditionalbaby #lovelovelove  #123sally #notminegetyourown

Annie Lennox: Brilliant!

So you want to see the greatest in your lifetime? Well here it is! Annie Lennox killing it with a powerful message at Live 8. Good is good, but great is a gift…enjoy!!

My Handsome Boy

Aka, Clinton’s song

I wrote this song for Clinton. He was handsome, silly and whimsical and I can only hope this song depicts 1/100th of his spirit. We love and miss Mr. Handsome...click the arrow to view song on youtube.


On this day of days, please do not hide behind the guise of religion to promote bigotry. You are a bigot if you take your religious beliefs to mean that any class of people is deserving of fewer rights than you, or less dignity than you, or less equality than you.  When you know better, you do better.

Happy Easter, xoD

What’s funny to me...

My mind has never worked the way the rest of the world’s does…and that’s just fine by me. Here are a few posts that I think are flat out funny. Hope you do too. If not, I can’t pass you my funny gene so please get out of my pool. XoD